Fundraiser Trio — Bibi Euse

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Magnificent Trio of prints put together by Bibi Euse and Marie (Quiet Company) to raise funds.

Photographer Bibi Euse is spending the end of 2020 in Rwanda, where she volunteers in a woman empowerment program to support single moms.

Bibi chose three of her personal favorites, from the three corners of her life: Colombia (where she's from), Belgium (where she lives) and Rwanda (where she lost her heart). It is very important to her that each image was taken at a time where she was extraordinarily happy. The intention she had when taking the pictures, has a power to be transferred, she strongly believes. Read the stories behind each image below; watch all of the interviews in my Instagram highlight

"The Apparition Of A Dream Within Another Dream (Santa Barbara 2)" — taken in Colombia
"Some Flowers Don't Belong To Any Season" — taken in Belgium
"Lake Kivu" — taken in Rwanda

Signed by Bibi Euse.
Printed on high-quality 310g paper.
Size: 20 x 30 cm, with 1 cm of white border on top. The total size of the prints is 22 x 32 cm.

This way of printing keeps your options open to frame them with or without passe-partout.

Pictures from happy moments

Find out the story behind each of these three images. You'll never look at them in the same way again!