Quiet Company toont regelmatig kunst op stijlvolle plekken: haar natuurlijke habitat.
Blader doorheen de verhalen en foto's en laat je inspireren!
Welke ruimte wil jij trakteren op kunst?

The Co.lab (Mechelen)

The Co.lab sprouted about a year ago from the minds of Kat (of My Ex-Boyfriend & Kantoor Kontent), Karroo (of Studio B) and Kaat (of Beaucadre).

The shared workspace-turned-community currently houses 10 female entrepeneurs. With their strong emphasis on self-development, sharing knowledge and creating beauty, their grand office floor is a dream place for Quiet Company art.

I selected 10 works of art by Bibi EuseElise VandeplanckeLoesdier and Sophie Doutreligne. Deciding on where to hang what turned into an office improvement night, alongside moving cupboards and drilling table tablets in the wall.

The works of art add humor and inspiration to this bustling workplace in Mechelen.

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Designer Loft (Antwerpen)

It started with one apartment, on the market for some time, and one global pandemic, closing open house doors, and opening minds to new ideas.

Enter Guillaume Van Durme, who stripped the place into a minimalist loft and selected 10 brands and designers to add life and style.

Six pieces of art now live on these walls: works by Bert BossaertJeroen De WandelBibi Euse and Hanne Lamon help create an urban getaway.

You can spend the night here (through Airbnb), or discover the place and the brands online.

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Love For The Flesh (Studio Stories, Gent)

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Bar Brutaal (Gent)