Fundraiser Trio — Bibi Euse

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Photographer Bibi Euse chose three of her favorite prints, from the three corners of her life: Colombia, Belgium and Rwanda.

"The Apparition Of A Dream Within Another Dream (Santa Barbara 2)"
"Some Flowers Don't Belong To Any Season"

Three images of 20 x 30 cm, with 1 cm of white border:
total size of the prints is 22 x 32 cm.
High-quality 310g paper.

The proceeds will fund Bibi's three-month volunteering trip to Rwanda starting at the end of September 2020.

Discover the meaning of each image

'Some Flowers Don't Belong To Any Season"

This was taken high up in the Colombian moutains, the province that I come from. It's the most tropical vibe you can have.

When I was standing there, I already saw it as a picture before it was a picture. I never reframe; it has to be as my first impression was."


"This is just one shot. I took the camera and thanks to the evenness of the light, this picture creates an atmosphere of quietness. I hang it sometimes, I put it somewhere and ah, it calms me down."

'An Apparition Of A Dream Within Another Dream (Santa Barbara 2)'

"It’s nature, it’s landscaping, and all of us photographers, we do the same. But there’s is all these elements that we, very unconsiously, search for in an image. I was really glad when I saw this part."