Glamping II

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Original painting by Sophie Doutreligne

29.7 cm (width) × 20.4 cm (height)
Mounted on a Plakkaat with high pink and black accents
Signed by the artist
Unique painting in the three-part Glamping series

This painting is on view at Zomersalon 2020 in Kunsthal, Ghent.
It is for sale, but will remain on view until August 30th.

"I want to normalize what people at first sight consider 'taboo'. I want them to (try to) feel comfortable stepping out of society’s expectations and to be open to different experiences, identities and situations.
The Glamping series started from a personal desire to travel to other imaginary worlds. Shameless and humorous ways of camping, adding to my own definition of glamping."
Read more about illustrator & painter Sophie Doutreligne

The Plakkaat is a brand new way of hanging art by means of ancient bookbinding techniques. The idea by Katrien Annys (of is carefully executed by Nancy & Petra from manual bookbindery Boekgebonden.
Read the story of how this Plakkaat grew from an idea to an art carrier


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