Love For The Flesh 4 — Sophie Doutreligne

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13 cm (width) × 18 cm (height)
Printed on Photorag White paper, mounted on a Plakkaat
Open edition, signed by the artist, Sophie Doutreligne

"In Love For The Flesh I wanted to share vulnerability. The intimacy of two bodies, intertwined, with absolutely no focus on gender or body standards. Nothing more than the simple and basic idea of ‘love for the flesh'." (Sophie Doutreligne)

The Plakkaat is a brand new way of hanging art by means of ancient bookbinding techniques. The idea by Katrien Annys (of jacquesbooks) was carefully executed by Nancy & Petra from manual bookbindery Boekgebonden.

There's so much I want to tell you

The artist: Sophie

She loves Dadaism and amateur porn.
Has a fetish for swimming pools and open fridges.
My questions felt quite standard, 
but her answers are something else.

Get to know her

The carrier: Plakkaat

How a stack of paper became a carrier for Love For The Flesh: this is a tale of five women.

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The result: Love For The Flesh

We did a photo shoot with photographer
Laurence Vander Elstraeten.
Get up close and personal!

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